Upon the directives of the Securities Depository Center regarding the need of documenting shares' ownership and updating shareholders' records, we hereby publish the names of Jordan Kuwait Bank's shareholders whose shares are not deposited with the Center.

We urge the shareholders, whose names are listed in the attached statements, to visit JKB in order to provide the Shareholders Affairs Division with a copy of their personal identification cards or passports (for non-Jordanians) in order to deposit their shares with the Center.  Kindly note that the dividends of all shareholders whose shares are not deposited with the Center will be withheld until their ownership of the shares are documents as necessary.

** Attn: Shareholders in Kuwait:

For inquiries regarding your shares and dividends, please contact the Shareholders Department at:

PO Box: 9776 Amman 11191 Jordan
Tel: 0096265629400  ext. 2702 , 2701 , 2700