Shareholders who own more than 5% of the Bank’s capital:

Al Rawabi United Holding Co.

  • No. of Shares: 76,390,240 
  • Ratio: 50.927%
  • Nationality: Kuwaiti

Al Rawabi United Holding Co. owns about 51% of Jordan Kuwait Bank’s capital. Al Rawabi United Holding Co. is a subsidairy of KIPCO (Kuwait Investment Projects Company).

Social Security Corporation

  • No. of Shares: 31,562,466
  • Ratio: 21.041%
  • Nationality: Jordanian

The Social Security Corporation was founded, as a public financially and administratively independent organization to enforce the Social Security Law in the aim of securing respectable standards of living to citizens, ensure fair income distribution between the same generation and successive generations, deepen the values of solidarity in the society and participating in economic and social development plans through contribution in the strategic national economic projects.

Odyssey Reinsurance Co.

  • No. of Shares: 8,775,000
  • Ratio: 5.850%
  • Nationality: American

Odyssey Reinsurance Company is a leading worldwide underwriter of reinsurance and specialty insurance and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a financial services holding company headquartered in Canada with total assets of $31.7 billion.