Download JKBMobile on your smart phone or tablet and enjoy banking services from anywhere at any time.

More than just a banking App! Secure mobile banking where you can manage your money anywhere, all year long, with an emphasis on a seamless customer experience and ease of use. Download the app now to benefit from the following features and more:

  • Insight: A personal finance manager that allows you to set budgets based on preferred categories, receive spending notifications/alerts, and get a visual overview of your expenses.
  • MASA: The first AI-based chatbot in the region that allows inquiries about all aspects of JKB’s business and carry out financial transactions through voice or text.
  • Tokenization: Allows Android users to select a contactless payment card using the NFC feature of on their mobile phones.
  • Digital Onboarding: Allowing future customers to open a bank account digitally without the need to physically visit any branch.
  • Transfers: allows you to send and receive payments on multiple platforms that operates locally and internationally. CliQ, Fawri, ACO and traditional transfers
  • Card Management: Allowing you to manage debit, credit, and prepaid cards: setting limits, transaction installments, and online settlements; are few of the features aimed at providing the best and easiest card functionalities.
  • Chequebooks: managing new and previous chequebook requests directly through the app without the need to visit a JKB branch.
  • Bills: Enjoy a customer experience-oriented bill payment module with access to all E-fawateercom services.