Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) is an innovative interactive technology for customers to conduct various financial transactions and banking services using the ITM multi-function machine. ITMs are managed by a central ITM customer service agent who communicates with the client by video and audio in real time through an interactive colored screen guiding the customer step by step to complete the required banking operation.

ITM is characterized by its ability to service the customer through:

  1. Video and audio Communication with the client
  2. Conducting secure transactions without using a traditional ATM card.
  3. Answering customer’s questions and inquiries by the customer service agent.
  4. The ability to read the documents provided by the customer through a scanner device
  5. The ability to read and store the customer's signature through an electronic Signature pad
  6. Financial transactions are stored by recording sound and image as a reference for the process.
  7. And thus ITMs provide the following services:
  8. Cash deposit
  9. Cash withdrawal.
  10. Jordan Kuwait Bank cheques deposit.
  11. Transfer between Jordan Kuwait Bank client's own accounts.
  12. Transfer to third party from Jordan Kuwait Bank clients.
  13. Credit cards payments.
  14. Recharge prepaid cards for JKB customers.
  15. Bills payment.
  16. Bank products and services inquire.
  17. Jordan Kuwait Bank Cheques Withdrawal.

ITM Locations

ITM  video: